Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Personal Best, Season Best

Was my personal best related to stress or new goals posted by my counterpart? I believe a little of both. Charmichael training systems says do more in less time. Higher intensity makes up for time in the saddle when life gets in the way.

Today, stuff at home and at school kept me away from rehearsals at church, but at the same time forced me out the door on the machine. The work out was a reverse ladder in the big crank at 2-3 level and then to 3-4 level. I realized that I was actually doing this same workout longer than needed in the past. It pays to read your training manual more carefully.

Temps were in the upper 70s and lower 80s. I treat this route like a TT and today it payed off when I persevered up the hills in Bell Meade. Max average was 16.1 and final average was right there at 16.

The pay off was almost three minutes less on the route! Maybe it all had to do with the fact that the Spurs were playing their second game in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. The Spurs won Go Spurs Go!

More Change in the Works

Scheduling is always an issue and that's why Caloiknightrider came on the scene. It would appear that in order to do what's right more knightrides are in the works. This would mean that club rides are out. If club rides are out what's the point of belonging.

So, allow me to think aloud. Recently a change from 5 days of workouts to 4 days of workouts was made for skeleto-muscular reasons. If the max length of a ride changes to 2 hours then what is possible in training? Weekend rides would go to dawn till 10 which is thirty minutes more on Saturday than on Sunday with Cycle Logic. The maximum for the week would be 7 hours and what I could get done in that amount of time is a mystery. I need to see how that would change goals and such in the logbook.

I would go back to being the Lone Ranger like I was in college. Day rides would be few and far between. Once a week really. Long day rides would be on special occasions only. I could call myself the Lonerangercaloiknightrider and dreams of epic rides would be just that dreams. What dreams may come?

The other idea was that Caloiknightrider could become caloindoortrainer - for a hundred bucks I'd be on my way inside, but that's a problem because of lack of dedicated space. It would be hard not to have it set up all the time. I'll just have to figure it out and roll with the flow!!! C'est la vie en la grand cité!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Baited Breath

Well, I know you were waiting with baited breath to see what was happening with my riding! As it turns out all is good. After a poor and with some pain ride Thursday morning, I decided that I would do one last test and if it didn't work then I would take a full week off without riding or exercising.

So I rode Thursday night at the Bike Mojo ride and decided to work it so I would make sure and not train harder than I should. So I worked sweep and averaged 10 miles an hour and some change and brought in the last guy to the shop. The ride was miraculous, no pain and no tederness. So after taking the last guy in I was feeling strong when a bus passed me and I couldn't resist the chase. I was going so fast that my average bumped up two miles. And I caught that bus twice. Max speed was 31 yehaw!

Saturday I did my best fifty something with 54 in 3:23.xx averaging 16.3 which is a best for me for the season. Sunday did 38 with cycle logic at the verizon and felt good through 20 something.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Good News - Bad News

So I cut a tree down on Friday and then on Saturday we emptied out the garage of old crap that needed to go to goodwill not to mention the 30 miles I did that AM at an easy pace. Saturday PM I had the opportunity to do a few extra miles, but chose not to because I had tweaked it somewhere along the way.

So after some self-medication I was able to walk and sit, but before that I could barely do anything when I got out of the shower. Ohthemiraculousqualitiesofcodene!

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I wore my weight-belt all day, but not when I slept. Tuesday during the day the weight-belt seemed to be a little much so Tuesday AM I did a test ride to see where things were. I found out that the drops were out unless I changed somethings on the bike. I changed the seat height and distance from the stem and it felt better on a mini-short test ride.

We'll see what happens when I actually ride! Cross your fingers!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

CaloiKnightrider Rides in South Texas

March 31st the first night CaloiKnightrider takes to the streets in South Texas! Church, family, and friends come first and must come first. So there you go the CaloiKnightrider is born. The miles still get to be logged and must be logged in order to ensure proper training.

The CaloiKnightrider is not willing to lose training effect! He wants to ride with the wolfpack without falling apart at mile 25 or 40!

The doctor has encouraged the CaloiKnightrider to lose poundage and drop some of those cholesterol numbers off the face of the earth. The doctor has doubts about what can be done and even gave him three months to get it done. So there the challenge is on, lose the pounds, lose the numbers and ride with the wolfpack. The unattainable is there to get grabbed!

CaloiKnightrider before training in the middle of the night on the weekend would do the Thursday Night BikeMojo ride whenever he could. If you've heard about the HHH Hash House Harriers a drinking club with a running problem, then you know what the Thursday Night is about a drinking club with a cycling problem. Never mind the fact that one can get a great interval workout on a stay-together ride! On, On!

Knight training started a long time ago during marathon training when he found that the dark helps one lose constraints placed upon oneself about going fast!

Warning: Knightriding is not for the faint of bike. The bike has to be tough because the lights don't illuminate everything out there. Ask him about his latest blow-out!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Quartely Goal & Being Behind

So here I am at least four weeks behind and yet I've reached one thousand miles with less than consistent effort on mileage. Scheduling is always a challenge, but motivation is hard when life gets in the way.

I've read alot about sleep/rest being part of training. In an effort to stay true to training concepts I have taken Wednesday off as well. Hour/Mileage goals are going to be difficult to reach with one less day during the week since I already take Monday and Friday off. Clydesdales require further rest because of size/body shape. I learned this the hard way with my running, that I have now set aside.

One other conclusion I've made is to set aside my mountain biking because of a propensity for injury. Perhaps this would not be as prevalent if I had the latest technology on my MTB.