Monday, April 23, 2007

Baited Breath

Well, I know you were waiting with baited breath to see what was happening with my riding! As it turns out all is good. After a poor and with some pain ride Thursday morning, I decided that I would do one last test and if it didn't work then I would take a full week off without riding or exercising.

So I rode Thursday night at the Bike Mojo ride and decided to work it so I would make sure and not train harder than I should. So I worked sweep and averaged 10 miles an hour and some change and brought in the last guy to the shop. The ride was miraculous, no pain and no tederness. So after taking the last guy in I was feeling strong when a bus passed me and I couldn't resist the chase. I was going so fast that my average bumped up two miles. And I caught that bus twice. Max speed was 31 yehaw!

Saturday I did my best fifty something with 54 in 3:23.xx averaging 16.3 which is a best for me for the season. Sunday did 38 with cycle logic at the verizon and felt good through 20 something.

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