Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Good News - Bad News

So I cut a tree down on Friday and then on Saturday we emptied out the garage of old crap that needed to go to goodwill not to mention the 30 miles I did that AM at an easy pace. Saturday PM I had the opportunity to do a few extra miles, but chose not to because I had tweaked it somewhere along the way.

So after some self-medication I was able to walk and sit, but before that I could barely do anything when I got out of the shower. Ohthemiraculousqualitiesofcodene!

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I wore my weight-belt all day, but not when I slept. Tuesday during the day the weight-belt seemed to be a little much so Tuesday AM I did a test ride to see where things were. I found out that the drops were out unless I changed somethings on the bike. I changed the seat height and distance from the stem and it felt better on a mini-short test ride.

We'll see what happens when I actually ride! Cross your fingers!

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