Thursday, December 30, 2010

End Of Year Stats

These stats are maintained on Active Trainer for free. At times you luck in to free coaching. I've been coached through a walking program and recently downloaded a running program. It will track everything including blood pressure and shoe wear for free. Please click the title above if you'd like to track your own activity!

Jan Bike 298.7 tm 20:10.24
Feb Bike 102 tm 07:35.42
Mar Bike 220.52 tm 14:45.13
Apr Bike 163.26 tm 11:22.46
May Bike 271.43 tm 20:45.17
Jun Bike 234.68 tm 17:56.57
Jul Bike 586.4 tm 44:32.57
Aug Bike 535.6 tm 38:31.36
Sep Bike 260.25 tm 16:53.40
Oct Bike 241.02 tm 16:29.06
Nov Bike 184.55 tm 16:37.05
Dec Bike 170.55 tm 12:13.52
Total 3268.95 tm223:40.26

I also tracked my Bike/Run Combinations (Bricks), my walking and my running. No swimming this year, but that will change. No Triathlons this year. Figuring out my swimming routine in my area is imperative. Favorite events of the year continue to be the Fiesta Wildflower Ride and the Tour de Gruene. Favorite Time Trial route is still the Road from Castroville to Helotes despite the fact the Bruehler couple was killed out there. Their sacrifice has changed the law in our area where vehicles must give at least a three foot clearance to any vulnerable road-user and of course the bike is included.

From what you can see in July I really do enjoy cycling and the heat of the Summer does not limit me. Although all those miles in Jul/Aug makes for a tired bike rider in Sep/Oct when the final races of the season are run. I don't know if that can be helped. Most months I got over 200 miles and then less once the season was over. That's ok I'm supposed to be doing some cross-training at that point anyway. I don't know what happened in February. I'd be interested to know if Feb. was an exceptional wet month. That would affect me since I no longer ride on wet pavement.

I hope your active year went well and I thank you for going on the journey with me. Peace be with you in the new year!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kind Souls

(Note this is a repost of a post in 2006 due to mindless commenters on this blog)

Are cyclists not the kindest folks on God's green Earth?

Here's why I say this, today on a moderate length ride at an easy speed to nurse my knee through lots of spinning I broke two spokes. I was pitchin' and moanin' about how my wrench wants me to buy a tandem rear wheel from Velocity ( at darn near $200 Dawlurs!!! This of course would rid me of all my spoke problems. Even though I hear through the grapevine that this set of Alex wheels were built with a batch of bad spokes that break at the drop of a hat. First spoke break was on a flat, spinning like a big dog. Why? Je ne sais pas!

So this buddy o mine Charlie was like, "hey I've got a couple of old wheels at the house you can have. Yeah, they're seven years old, but you can have 'em."

So by the end of the ride the wind has picked up and Charlie wants a ride in to the house since he still had 10 miles to go. We just finished 46. Hum, possibilities!

So I take Charlie in and no he doesn't give me the shirt off his back, but he does give me his Mavic Cosmic off his bike and friends, Romans, countrymen that is why cyclists are the nicest lot! Problem solved!!!

Friday, January 01, 2010

End of Year Briefs

Month Totals:
Dec: Bike 180.7 Hours 12:30.32
Nov: Bike 349.3 Hours 22:55.18 Cross Training=Yoga 45min Walking 5.5 miles 5:05 Hours
Oct: Bike 362.3 Hours 23:00.56
Sep: Bike 125.47Hours 8:05.29
Aug: Bike 508.8 Hours 36:30.55
July:Bike 541.6 Hours 35:24.11 Cross Training=Yoga Zip Running=2 miles 40 min Walking 9 miles 3 Hrs Swim 200 meters 30 min
June:Bike 583.33Hours 44:59 Cross Training=Yoga 1:00 Walking=.25 miles
May: Bike 495.1 Hours 90:24 Cross Training=Move 4:00 Running=3 miles 36min
Walking 1.25 miles 25min
April:Bike345.2 Hours 78:08 Cross Training=Yoga Zip
March:Bike315.46 Hours18:22 Cross Training=Yoga 2:00
Feb: Bike 82.5 Hours 6:11 Cross Training=Yoga Zip
Jan: Bike 411.63 Time 28:39.58 Cross Training=Yoga 2:50
Year:Bike 4299.23 Time410:34.12Cross Training=Yoga 10:35 running=5 miles 1:16min Walking 16 miles 8:55min