Sunday, October 21, 2007

Not Bikin' to the Beach

Well, while everyone else has been bikin' to the beach I've been to a contest and two of my kids got in and I've ridden 75 miles in three days. My friends say I didn't even drive that far in three days!

Today I did 30 at 17.4 average, my maximum average was 17.7. I did this on a flat windless beatiful AM on the river.

With the addition of a seventh prep in my day I have found that I don't have the energy to get up at the crack of dawn most days. That has been difficult to get used to, but on the bright side of things I'm only about 325 miles off of my modified goal of 4k miles for the year.

If this change becomes permanent which it may I may just have to do 75 miles a week and know that the extra mileage will come from the Summer months and vacation weeks to still make the 4K for the year next year.