Sunday, March 23, 2014

Getting Back on the Horse

"Look: I’m not one of those people who names my bikes, or believes they have souls. I know a bicycle isn’t going to miss me. I don’t cotton to totems. What memories I cherish tend toward experience rather than possession. I know we’re not talking here about life or death or war or crime or love or family or truth or faith or any such thing fundamental to who and what we as a species are. I know all we’re talking about is bicycles."

by Bill Strickland, Editor-at-large Bicycling Magazine quote from FB post.

Actually it is apparent that I do name my bikes, Litespeed: Goat because of the tripple on it, the Black Caloi Strada Pro: Black Knight, MTB: MuddyFox but then it is named the MuddyFox Limited Edition. But I love what this quote says after about souls. I agree bikes don't have souls, but they do have personality characteristics :-) Litespeed nimble and quick, the Caloi built for the long run, and the MuddyFox indistructible. The experience is more important than the posession. Experience attained on a certain machine to a certain level perhaps not to be attained again in the near future. No it's not life and death or war or crime or love or family or truth or faith or these important priorities in our lives, but to me it is about what we can attain in order to maintain health and living