Thursday, August 14, 2014

Every Hill You Take Every Breath You Take I'll Be Watchin' You!

If I forgot to tell you about the sciatic nerve issue I got from being stuffed like a sardine in an airplane for almost eight hours. The crew were absolute champs! But all the technology every seat has is placed under the seat in dront of you! Beautiful so my big ass feet have no place to go! Well, that pain persisted for a week. I almost wanted to go commando to enjoy the freedom, but no dice!

Today was my first forray in to the hills and it was a success! I spun and spun until I summited every one of my hills. I think I called on granny only once!

I PRd on Geneseo hill and that felt good! Somehow I knew that one was going really well! Since I did that I went on the other side of Broadway and did Torcido too!

It was 77 when I started today again that was good and maybe it's a sign that the intense heat of August is almost over! Nah!

After coming back from Europe I checked on my Summer mileage and it was only 275 ugh! That's nothing! No 2k on the bike this Summer. The heat was such a big part of that this Summer. Even in Europe, the heat has all swelling up like stuffed piggies! The possibility that I will have to train straight through this Fall is real!

Heat and.More Heat

Not to be underestimated! The heat can kill ya! My wife always says, "up north people have to know how to survive in a blizzard, down here you have to know how to survive the heat." So Wednesday when I woke up with a headache I knew I had done something Tuesday. So no ride. Thursday I awoke with a stopped up ear so the headache yesterday could have been a sinus issue. Stay safe out there my friends!

He Concurrs!

Saturday: Hooked up with Woody out by Playland and talked him in to going to Woodlawn Lake on his way home. Good convo about training solo makes you stronger. You wanna ride with your friends put in the miles drop the weight but the miles. Felt good to meet up with someone. Family first he agrees! Good I'm not the only one! Ha! He was already at 75 at that point daium! Anyway I got my hour and a half and headed home!