Saturday, March 31, 2007

Why Write, Porque Escrever, Pourquoi Ecrire, Porque Escribir, Because I Can, Por Causa Que Eu Posso, Parce Que Je Peu


I write because of online communities, before web-based communities, I was involved in BBS communities before BBSs I wrote letters to folks as late as 1990. Some of the most fun communities that I have been a part of have been the Dead Runners Society (DRS) and the Dead Runners - Texas (DRT). One of the great ideas that made this group excellent was the no flame rule online. You can write a scathing letter backchannel or real email to the person you disagreed with, but you dare not write a flame (a forcefully worded emotional email) to the listserv (the listserv would broadcast said tirade to over 2K people) lest you anger the DRS gods (listowner, programmer, etc.). is the location of the most recent incarnation of the DRS community that I frequent. One of the others that was the best was the CVRT the Clydesdale Virtual Racing Team - besides being a founding member the most fun activity we did regularly was the Frostbite 100. One year I actually came in fourth and had the most fun welcoming everyone else to our party with virtual lawnchairs and virtual keg.

Expanding Horizons

I want to improve myself and have contact with others with similar interests so that I can better myself as a humawn bean as well as an athlete. Through fostered discussion on certain topics we expand our horizons on it and are able to think beyond the task. I write to help others expand their horizons as well. I know I've learned a lot about various things just by reading what others have written.

I Write

I have maintained a tradition of writing for publications. My first was for the San Antonio Road Runners Newsletter and I believe the title was The Shoes do All the Work presenting a view of the life of a runner as seen through the eyes of a pair of shoes. I have also been published in Running Times an article about running in San Antonio and I think it was called Remember the Alamo. I have also written for Run the Planet about all kinds of places good for running in the states and in Brazil.

Bringing People Together

Sounds corny, but I know how miraculous it is to be transformed by something such as cycling. I believe this is part of paying it forward. Encouraging others to be transformed and start enjoying life more instead of living with medication.

My Friends

To share with my friends the joy that I've experienced doing what I do on the bike. That's why we started the Hike and Bike at my church. We have a large group hikers and bikers. We have a dream of taking a group of seven to eleven cyclists on the MS 150 bike to the beach down to Corpus Christi, put on our own triathlon or multiple venue family event up in Vance with running and hiking.


To train and be trained! To help others with their training, I get a kick out of training others or teaching. It is part of me and my makeup!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

8 Weeks Behind, But Now Back On Track

The title says it all! I am still behind, but Hell Week according to Carmichael training put me four weeks closer because of the big mileage done.

I may reach my quarterly goal with 1000 miles.

I need more hills! I'm trying to do hills (molehills) close to my neighborhood everytime I go out.

I started doing speedwork again, very limited, fartlek only, but then time was an issue. A start is a start! According to my log I still need seven more weeks of training before getting serious.

The weight is not melting off, but it is rearranging shapewise. My clothes are already fitting better.

I have decided to take an extra day off during the week for the beneffit of rest in response to training. With all the long miles on the weekend I believe this is necessary!

If you're looking for an interesting read Mr. Langley in the link above he's a regular in RBR which is also a good read.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hell Week SA Recap

Well my Saturday ride is logged! I was going for eighty, but the "best laid plans of mice and men." I awoke later than planned and piddled around too much. Actually, the piddling is hereditary, my Mom used to do that and I got the piddle gene. C'est la vie! I ended up with 51 which is Ok, but not great!

If I log almost 40 in the next day I'll end up with 300 for my SA Hell Week and I definitely can live with that!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Where am I - Hell Week in SA

Saddle sore and waterlogged! After a great weekend where over 100 miles were logged, Monday and Tuesday arrived with a whimper. 500 to 600 miles is way out of question at this point for the week. It is Wednesday and almost noon and I used the excuse that I would see what the weather was going to do. Your guess is as good as mine! The beater is not rideable so it's the good Caloi Pro Road out and sloshing around and I'm no longer crazy about doing that since I no longer ride a pos bike.

Monday I was fasting for some bloodletting and that made for a ride with an excruciating headache and dirty, muddy, wet wash everything under the sun when I get back kind of ride, but still managed at least thirty which was goal for everyday this week. That puts the totals at a slight 130 plus for the week. I was in search of my epic ride, but the last day for that to happen was today and here I am still on the computer see the article on the epic ride.

Weather temps are good in the area, but the flashflooding just puts a damper on all the routes that are doable. Plus people have died. Actually stupidity killed them for crossing in to deep waters in cars. We live down here long enough you know where the low water crossings are and you watch yourself lest you be accused of being stupid for going through the low water crossing. Soooo...what to do?! I think I'll go to the dollar movie just to get out!!!