Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Training Effect Loss

I have worked my butt off for the past three years to build speed. I have ridden pos bikes during that time and endured the fun being made about my old pink bike. That's fine!

No where in all that time was I unplanned off for more than a week! So I never really lost training effect. I did the periodization like I should and at this time I should be enjoying the effects of riding at 21 plus MPH average, but I am not because of a derail that was beyond my control.

I tried to maintain and plateau, but that was hampered by a week and a half vacation where I gorged myself and gained fourteen poundages. No problem, I thought, I can lose that! Ehhhn! Thanks for playing!

It is proving very difficult to lose that which I have gained. My periodization has taken me to a peak and I'm doing less mileage, but at faster speeds, but my speed is hampered by my weight so here I am unable to improve like I would like. I'm almost considering blowing off the rest of my peak and training and assume the work of losing those pounds. You know what else? My BP is up! That sucks! Maybe it's a stress thing and God really intended me to be a full time cyclist and not work?! Ha!

I'm supposed to race this weekend, but who wants to race when it is too hard to maintain even a decent speed. Best I could do on a sustained effort last week was 16.3 average. 16 through 75, but then I hit the wall at about 83 and everything hurt so I only bettered my time on a 100 miler by about a minute from when I did it back in May.

Beats me what I'll do! Probably just try to race this weekend then do the Hike and Bike ride on Labor Day and then go from there. I think my peridoization has me going easy till the end of the year. So perhaps I'll just do the old stay under 150 bpm on my HRM and work at losing the poundage and finish up my four thousand miles for the year.

Any one know of a good core workout book? I'm not so good with tapes and dvds for workouts.

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