Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cut It's a Wrap

Well, by the Monday the Kiddos were back I had amassed 2000 miles for the Summer since the day after they were gone. I attempted seven 100 milers this Summer and was successful in about five. I was extremely succesful in my last two in which I burned up the asphalt on the way down to Pleasanton. Both were all time PRs and Season's Best for 100 miles. The first was a PR by 40 minutes or so finishing the 100 in 6:20. I was encouraged and attempted it again the day before I went back to work and knocked off another 34 minutes finishing the 100 in 5:46 Ouch I broke 6 hours! Felt really good about those accomplishments and intend to try a randonee next Summer. Anyone want to sponsor me?

So I finished my mileage by the end of October plus the bikes are in dire need of a mechanic so the log book says to work out at something else and I am and will till the bikes are out of the shop and see if I can continue those run workouts during the regular cycling season. I hope so, cuz I need something to get the fat off! I'm running big - so I started another blog called Trifathlete del Sur. Check it out!

For the Record I earned a National Presidential Champions award in Bronze, Silver and Gold. Currently working on the Platinum, but that's not going to happen since it takes about ten times the point totals needed for gold. Crazy, yes, but not that crazy! I love my wife and want to keep it that way! Peace out!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

"In the Year Two Thousand" Falsetto from C. O'Brien

So before I get back to work full-time I'm checking out the log to see where I'm at for the Summer and come to find out that I'm less than 200 miles away from 2000 miles since May a little over two months.

By the time Sunday is done I'm down to 120 something left to hit Dos Mil Millas! So like a big dog I'm telling everyone that I know that I'm really close to 2000 miles for the Summer.

Right then the skies drop out. Major downpour for our area with no let-down in sight! First ride of the week, actually first rides are Thursday. I hit it hard in the AM, but end up with less than 20 at 16.6. So then that evening after working all day I go easy and just chill for 22 something at a sleazy-easy pace. (Ha! but I still managed to pass a couple of the slow groups on the group ride that I was thirty minutes late for but did not go faster than 13.3).

So now on Friday I realize I have 80 something to log to reach the goal when during the afternoon meeting again the bottom falls out of the sky. One of my buddies after the meeting says, "How you gonna do 80 something in this? and I'm like, "Very carefully!" Knowing fully that I'll probably be late for the 2000 miles. So the ground is saturated and I still have to log fifty plus on Saturday, but that is doubtfull and also 30 on Sunday which is totally doable, but I have no idea what the weather is going to do. Pahn Pahn Pahn! Tune in next to see if he accomplishes his 2000 mile Goal before the Chillin' come back to school.

Speaking of school I don't know when I can do the bike club with the kids because M,T,W,TH are all taken with other stuff and I don't want to do Friday because it is sacred between my wife and I and the date must go on!

100 On a lark part Deux

So I go out Sunday with my original club riders, the cycle logic gang, am as confident as I can possibly be, but unfortunately get dropped like a hot potato. Mind you with these guys this had never happened so I was not accustomed to telling the guys y'all go ahead without me I'll do my own ride. Ha! When we got to the wall it was all I could do to get up the darn thing. But there were the guys and all of a sudden I'm in front because they took the longer scenic route. At the time I turned off from their ride I was third in the group, but that didn't mean much because I was the one that got dropped earlier. So I'm feeling totally dejected and go ahead and do the Sunday church thing and get charged up.

The next day, Monday the lark visits again and I decide to go to Pleasanton again and take a different route that is less traveled, but should still give me 100 miles with less time spent on the chip seal shoulder that 281 offers.

Weather conditions are different than last time when the wind was 25 MPH. This time the wind was at 5 to 12 MPH from the South. I take a different tack than last time also. Rather than busting my butt going South I decide to just keep a decent pace not too hard and not too easy. I actually was going by feel rather than by sprocket.

I still get down there in about three hours which is alright, but I'm not wasted like I was last time. The portion of chip seal shoulder was still a pain in the butt, but it seemed to go a lot faster. I still only stopped three times and drenched myself for the cooling effect every time.

I basically fly home even better than the time before. I ended up doing 17.3 MPH with a maximum average of 20 MPH. Like I said I was flying! Total time for my best 100 PR and season PR 5:46 minutes.

What this tells me is that yes I may get dropped in the short ride going really fast, but I can sustain in the long ride going a moderate pace in comparison. Yes it's still a hard core pace for me, but it got me there and back in the least amount of time.

This was three days before I had to be back at work and served as a dedication to school starting up and I did it my way and ended the Summer on a positive.

Speaking of positive another PR for the Summer is in the works.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

100 Miler on a Lark

So I'm supposed to meet Chris South of town for a ride, I'm running late and when I get there no Chris so I decide let's see what it's like to go to Pleasanton since the wind is vigorously out of the South at 10 to 25 miles an hour this would be a good time to fight the wind on the way out and then fly home. I still hold out hope to run in to Chris somewhere on the route and averaged 17.4 on the way South.

Since I decided to head even further South I was taking a route I didn't really know. So I go out this route that gmaps says is there and come to find out it is not. I end up in a dead end by this farmers field with this farmer on a tractor giving me "such a look!" So I figured out another way to get there by spending a little bit of time on the access then hitting the road I was looking for in the first place.

As the morning goes on the rolling hills become harder and harder and fighting the wind all this way doesn't seem as fun. By the time I get to Pleasanton I think I was pushing 13.5 or something ridiculously slow. But then...we always have the way home to look forward to enjoying.

I must have looked a little ragged when I got down there, and because I mentioned something about making it back to SA before night-fall to the cashier of the Chevron I stopped at for refreshments and a bite. Then all of a sudden there's a paramedic that's into cycling talking to me to make sure I was OK. He was very smooth and non-chalant, but I wonder if that cashier called him to come by and see if I was OK :-) Found from this guy that there's no bike shop in
P-ton and that they drive 100 miles round-trip when they need to buy bike supplies tubes and cartridges and such! He finally said goodbye and I took off home.

I believe this is just like as Christians we are saved and even though we're suffering now we have the rest of time to look forward to enjoying in the presence of God. Yeah, fighting a 25 MPH wind is tough, but flying with that same wind on the way back will be a breeze. Pa duhm puhm!

Those rollers I experienced on the way South became undulations and nothing more. I told a friend, "flying up a hill at 24 MPH is an experience I will always remember!" And all the pain in my feet and other places became a distant memory.

By the time I got home I averaged 16.6 overall for the whole 100! I had no idea I would get the best time in a 100 miler ever. I started feeling like Super Man! Started to think the laws of physics didn't apply! Ha! Nevertheless, I ended up finishing in 6:20 minutes which is pretty good for me.

Previous attempts this Summer had me at that length of time at 74 miles, two weeks later 94 in an even loner time and then just two weeks later I was at 88 in that amount of time. Sometimes everything works out great and other times it's just a struggle and never gets better.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oil spill ruling leaves Alaska victims stunned

I don't normally get into politics and economic issues here, but this is a travesty of justice and no Exxon has not paid for the damage. 3 Billion by their estimates spent on clean-up. Bologna!

That ecosystem is not back - life there has been altered for ever. I'm sure big business feels good about this, but heck what's a quarter's profit to big business. Nothing! With the latest oil prices these guys are making money hands over fists! The poor fisherman is left with peanuts!

Big business may think that the average consumer has forgotten about this, and this is how it relates to my cycling because I have not forgotten - since the Valdez fiasco I only pee and poo in an Exxon. I don't buy stuff there. I haven't been to an Exxon since this happened years ago to buy anything: no gas, no snacks, nothing! I have run the risk of running out of gas in order to avoid an Exxon and I can sleep at night!

I say let's boycott Exxon, renew our committment to our fellow citizens in Alaska! Justice Souter is wrong! You can't put a price on the environment and an ecosystem!

Exxon Gas Sucks - Ride a Bike!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Training Update

Just finished with May and I'm only a couple of weeks behind on where I'm supposed to be for the year. Mileage is somewhere over 1500. I'm having to do my well-known rides or just use gmaps pedometer to figure out my mileage because unfortunately a few weeks ago my computer was run-over by a few cars before I found it. Anyone have a cateye type II wireless computer sitting around collecting dust?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Who do you LiveStrong for?

My reason for living strong will be changing soon, Betty my mother in law, a 17 year cancer survivor has decided that the battle is better fought from the other side. When faced with horrible options the one she chose was to die in peace and live again in a perfect body on the other side. She is in hospice care right now and expected to leave us anytime. The peace that passeth all understanding has filled all of us and are confident that concentrating on quality of life is the right decision. It is still sad, but what awaits her is better than what she has now.

I picked Betty as my reason to live strong because my Mom at the time was fine, but recently my Mom has been diagnosed with cancer in her Salivary Gland. Doctors don't think it wise to attack it because returning the patient to the state they were before attacking the cancer at the age of 87 is very difficult and would prove a diffcult time for her final days.

When Betty leaves this mortal plane I will continue to LiveStrong for Doris!