Saturday, April 07, 2007

CaloiKnightrider Rides in South Texas

March 31st the first night CaloiKnightrider takes to the streets in South Texas! Church, family, and friends come first and must come first. So there you go the CaloiKnightrider is born. The miles still get to be logged and must be logged in order to ensure proper training.

The CaloiKnightrider is not willing to lose training effect! He wants to ride with the wolfpack without falling apart at mile 25 or 40!

The doctor has encouraged the CaloiKnightrider to lose poundage and drop some of those cholesterol numbers off the face of the earth. The doctor has doubts about what can be done and even gave him three months to get it done. So there the challenge is on, lose the pounds, lose the numbers and ride with the wolfpack. The unattainable is there to get grabbed!

CaloiKnightrider before training in the middle of the night on the weekend would do the Thursday Night BikeMojo ride whenever he could. If you've heard about the HHH Hash House Harriers a drinking club with a running problem, then you know what the Thursday Night is about a drinking club with a cycling problem. Never mind the fact that one can get a great interval workout on a stay-together ride! On, On!

Knight training started a long time ago during marathon training when he found that the dark helps one lose constraints placed upon oneself about going fast!

Warning: Knightriding is not for the faint of bike. The bike has to be tough because the lights don't illuminate everything out there. Ask him about his latest blow-out!

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