Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kind Souls

(Note this is a repost of a post in 2006 due to mindless commenters on this blog)

Are cyclists not the kindest folks on God's green Earth?

Here's why I say this, today on a moderate length ride at an easy speed to nurse my knee through lots of spinning I broke two spokes. I was pitchin' and moanin' about how my wrench wants me to buy a tandem rear wheel from Velocity ( at darn near $200 Dawlurs!!! This of course would rid me of all my spoke problems. Even though I hear through the grapevine that this set of Alex wheels were built with a batch of bad spokes that break at the drop of a hat. First spoke break was on a flat, spinning like a big dog. Why? Je ne sais pas!

So this buddy o mine Charlie was like, "hey I've got a couple of old wheels at the house you can have. Yeah, they're seven years old, but you can have 'em."

So by the end of the ride the wind has picked up and Charlie wants a ride in to the house since he still had 10 miles to go. We just finished 46. Hum, possibilities!

So I take Charlie in and no he doesn't give me the shirt off his back, but he does give me his Mavic Cosmic off his bike and friends, Romans, countrymen that is why cyclists are the nicest lot! Problem solved!!!