Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oil spill ruling leaves Alaska victims stunned

I don't normally get into politics and economic issues here, but this is a travesty of justice and no Exxon has not paid for the damage. 3 Billion by their estimates spent on clean-up. Bologna!

That ecosystem is not back - life there has been altered for ever. I'm sure big business feels good about this, but heck what's a quarter's profit to big business. Nothing! With the latest oil prices these guys are making money hands over fists! The poor fisherman is left with peanuts!

Big business may think that the average consumer has forgotten about this, and this is how it relates to my cycling because I have not forgotten - since the Valdez fiasco I only pee and poo in an Exxon. I don't buy stuff there. I haven't been to an Exxon since this happened years ago to buy anything: no gas, no snacks, nothing! I have run the risk of running out of gas in order to avoid an Exxon and I can sleep at night!

I say let's boycott Exxon, renew our committment to our fellow citizens in Alaska! Justice Souter is wrong! You can't put a price on the environment and an ecosystem!

Exxon Gas Sucks - Ride a Bike!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Training Update

Just finished with May and I'm only a couple of weeks behind on where I'm supposed to be for the year. Mileage is somewhere over 1500. I'm having to do my well-known rides or just use gmaps pedometer to figure out my mileage because unfortunately a few weeks ago my computer was run-over by a few cars before I found it. Anyone have a cateye type II wireless computer sitting around collecting dust?