Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fighting a Loosing Battle

4343 miles on the 29th and 355:36 hours and 36 minutes or rather about 14+ days It's like I rode to Billings Montana by way of Jacksonville Florida and Montreal Canada Ha! I'll probably add another 50-60 miles, but I'm thinking about it now.

As you know I've given up using my computers on my bikes because I was getting pretty obsessed with all the numbers. Part of the obsession is with the desire to regain lost training effect as I age. Sucks! I keep comparing myself to others who put in a tremendous amount of mileage. Everything I read talks about high intensity and low mileage yet people who are fast put in all kinds of miles. The work required to plan tempos, intervals, and hill work-outs with LT intervals with the proper ratio is work! I don't mind putting in the work, but if it takes away from the fun, then it is not good enough. So after a couple of years of trying desperately to regain lost training effect; I have given up on that in that manner!

Now at the same time I had given up on diets and found that subcutaneous fat gain was detrimental because my overall weight was affected.At the same time my heart doctor and gastric-entorologist said I needed to change my ways. So the decision above actually facilitates the solution in this realm because if I take up a diet such as Atkins or even Southbeach for that matter it allows me to give up carbs so that the diet is more effective. So far since Thanksgiving, I have lost 14 pounds. I did it for my doctors visit in December that never happened because my doctor had an "emergency." A week before Christmas, nah! Nevertheless, Atkins is working. Yes it's hard, yes it's no carbs from stuff I love like fries and bread.

The losing battle is frustrating because for two years I worked without anything to show for all the sacrifice. So I have decided to ride my bike and enjoy myself. I want to be fast, but I'm going to do it by losing weight then I'll work again to build speed with non-structured intervals so the fun remains. I'm looking forward to this experiment and hope for the best.

These are the numbers for 2012: 410.7-34:04
=4343 TM355:36 14+ days It's like I rode to Billings Montana by way of Jacksonville, Florida and Montreal, Canada. Ha!

I didn't track Yoga, running, walking etc. I know walking will help me lose more, but I figured the Soccer addition once a week would help, but it really didn't make a huge difference.

So who in the heck do I ride with on long rides?! I can't hang with those with whom I used to be able to hang. I can't visualize riding by myself like the classic lonesome rider for the rest of my days. Perhaps concentrating on rides with Jason doing our own thing like we wish we could find from other groups in town.

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Bobster said...

Added another 35 miles in 2.5 hours yesterday. Today it's raining! Sux!

I forgot to mention in the post above all that work was done on 3 workouts per week for the most part. During holidays I switched to two days off for the week for the most part.

I threw out periodization (month off type stuff) Also threw out HIT on every ride. Signs of overtraining abound.