Saturday, August 23, 2008

"In the Year Two Thousand" Falsetto from C. O'Brien

So before I get back to work full-time I'm checking out the log to see where I'm at for the Summer and come to find out that I'm less than 200 miles away from 2000 miles since May a little over two months.

By the time Sunday is done I'm down to 120 something left to hit Dos Mil Millas! So like a big dog I'm telling everyone that I know that I'm really close to 2000 miles for the Summer.

Right then the skies drop out. Major downpour for our area with no let-down in sight! First ride of the week, actually first rides are Thursday. I hit it hard in the AM, but end up with less than 20 at 16.6. So then that evening after working all day I go easy and just chill for 22 something at a sleazy-easy pace. (Ha! but I still managed to pass a couple of the slow groups on the group ride that I was thirty minutes late for but did not go faster than 13.3).

So now on Friday I realize I have 80 something to log to reach the goal when during the afternoon meeting again the bottom falls out of the sky. One of my buddies after the meeting says, "How you gonna do 80 something in this? and I'm like, "Very carefully!" Knowing fully that I'll probably be late for the 2000 miles. So the ground is saturated and I still have to log fifty plus on Saturday, but that is doubtfull and also 30 on Sunday which is totally doable, but I have no idea what the weather is going to do. Pahn Pahn Pahn! Tune in next to see if he accomplishes his 2000 mile Goal before the Chillin' come back to school.

Speaking of school I don't know when I can do the bike club with the kids because M,T,W,TH are all taken with other stuff and I don't want to do Friday because it is sacred between my wife and I and the date must go on!

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Bobster said...

Mystery solved as I'm sitting here! It has begun to pour! I'm all ready for the ride and no can do! Time to go back to bed!