Sunday, August 10, 2008

100 Miler on a Lark

So I'm supposed to meet Chris South of town for a ride, I'm running late and when I get there no Chris so I decide let's see what it's like to go to Pleasanton since the wind is vigorously out of the South at 10 to 25 miles an hour this would be a good time to fight the wind on the way out and then fly home. I still hold out hope to run in to Chris somewhere on the route and averaged 17.4 on the way South.

Since I decided to head even further South I was taking a route I didn't really know. So I go out this route that gmaps says is there and come to find out it is not. I end up in a dead end by this farmers field with this farmer on a tractor giving me "such a look!" So I figured out another way to get there by spending a little bit of time on the access then hitting the road I was looking for in the first place.

As the morning goes on the rolling hills become harder and harder and fighting the wind all this way doesn't seem as fun. By the time I get to Pleasanton I think I was pushing 13.5 or something ridiculously slow. But then...we always have the way home to look forward to enjoying.

I must have looked a little ragged when I got down there, and because I mentioned something about making it back to SA before night-fall to the cashier of the Chevron I stopped at for refreshments and a bite. Then all of a sudden there's a paramedic that's into cycling talking to me to make sure I was OK. He was very smooth and non-chalant, but I wonder if that cashier called him to come by and see if I was OK :-) Found from this guy that there's no bike shop in
P-ton and that they drive 100 miles round-trip when they need to buy bike supplies tubes and cartridges and such! He finally said goodbye and I took off home.

I believe this is just like as Christians we are saved and even though we're suffering now we have the rest of time to look forward to enjoying in the presence of God. Yeah, fighting a 25 MPH wind is tough, but flying with that same wind on the way back will be a breeze. Pa duhm puhm!

Those rollers I experienced on the way South became undulations and nothing more. I told a friend, "flying up a hill at 24 MPH is an experience I will always remember!" And all the pain in my feet and other places became a distant memory.

By the time I got home I averaged 16.6 overall for the whole 100! I had no idea I would get the best time in a 100 miler ever. I started feeling like Super Man! Started to think the laws of physics didn't apply! Ha! Nevertheless, I ended up finishing in 6:20 minutes which is pretty good for me.

Previous attempts this Summer had me at that length of time at 74 miles, two weeks later 94 in an even loner time and then just two weeks later I was at 88 in that amount of time. Sometimes everything works out great and other times it's just a struggle and never gets better.

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