Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cut It's a Wrap

Well, by the Monday the Kiddos were back I had amassed 2000 miles for the Summer since the day after they were gone. I attempted seven 100 milers this Summer and was successful in about five. I was extremely succesful in my last two in which I burned up the asphalt on the way down to Pleasanton. Both were all time PRs and Season's Best for 100 miles. The first was a PR by 40 minutes or so finishing the 100 in 6:20. I was encouraged and attempted it again the day before I went back to work and knocked off another 34 minutes finishing the 100 in 5:46 Ouch I broke 6 hours! Felt really good about those accomplishments and intend to try a randonee next Summer. Anyone want to sponsor me?

So I finished my mileage by the end of October plus the bikes are in dire need of a mechanic so the log book says to work out at something else and I am and will till the bikes are out of the shop and see if I can continue those run workouts during the regular cycling season. I hope so, cuz I need something to get the fat off! I'm running big - so I started another blog called Trifathlete del Sur. Check it out!

For the Record I earned a National Presidential Champions award in Bronze, Silver and Gold. Currently working on the Platinum, but that's not going to happen since it takes about ten times the point totals needed for gold. Crazy, yes, but not that crazy! I love my wife and want to keep it that way! Peace out!


Lee said...

Congratulations, Bob! Hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Bobster said...

Hi Lee - How unexpected to hear from you, but what a blessing. Hope things are looking up and hope you have a blessed time off at Thanksgiving! Peace be with you,