Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Who do you LiveStrong for?

My reason for living strong will be changing soon, Betty my mother in law, a 17 year cancer survivor has decided that the battle is better fought from the other side. When faced with horrible options the one she chose was to die in peace and live again in a perfect body on the other side. She is in hospice care right now and expected to leave us anytime. The peace that passeth all understanding has filled all of us and are confident that concentrating on quality of life is the right decision. It is still sad, but what awaits her is better than what she has now.

I picked Betty as my reason to live strong because my Mom at the time was fine, but recently my Mom has been diagnosed with cancer in her Salivary Gland. Doctors don't think it wise to attack it because returning the patient to the state they were before attacking the cancer at the age of 87 is very difficult and would prove a diffcult time for her final days.

When Betty leaves this mortal plane I will continue to LiveStrong for Doris!