Friday, December 28, 2007

New Stuff

Well, I tried out the new to me mavic wheels and they have worked out great! Excepting the blow out yesterday, but that's what I get for running a tire past its prime.

I was gifted with Spurs Giftcard and the very next day Performance had a 20% off sale so I went right away and bought the airstrykes I was looking to get. Now all I have to do is get my body used to the low profile position again since it's been 2.5 years. They are working quite well and look forward to using them on one of these really windy days.

I actually had a couple of guys stop and compliment the new bike. A quality litespeed titanium steed is recognizable and I thank God. Found out the bike is from 97. I thought it was older than that, cool huh!? It turns out it was only ridden/raced for two years in 97/98. It should last a very long time and I'm blessed.


Mark Lynskey said...

I got "googled" to you blog and saw your comments on your new Litespeed. While myself and family are no longer there (we sold the business in summer 1999) we did build your bike. I'm very happy that you're enjoying it. I'm sorry about your dog. I also have a running partner, a brittany spaniel that can run all day. And I saw National Treasure last night. I really enjoyed it.

Happy New Year,

Mark Lynskey

Bobster said...

Hey Mark- thanks for the comment! I really am happy with what I have. It was a blessing from God! It should last me forever! Since it is made of the best material available I'm stoked. Thanks for your workmanship!

Bobster said...

It never fails to impress! For once I ride what many wish they were riding.

Bobster said...

It never stops, today I was out on a fifty miler and I was saying goodbye to a fellow rider and this group of riders comes by on hybrids and I greet them, then one of the guys is talking to his wife, "see honey that frame is titanium..." Cool!