Monday, December 24, 2007

C'est Tout - The rest is gravy!

Well, 20 days later and I should hit four thousand miles on today's ride. I'm just a little gunshy since it's 28 degrees outside. I'll probably still get going here in a bit. The rest of the miles for the year are gravy and I look forward to putting in some long miles on the Litespeed these next two weeks.

I was gifted with some mavic wheels yesterday and will need to test 'em out later this week. I want to do it today, but there are still things to do and that would take time.

The litespeed titanium steed is officially mine thank you Santa. It's in crit setup right now and for a little added comfort I want to get it to a TT setup. Anyone have some airstrykes sitting around? Again I just can't see myself putting an old pos aerobar on a brandspanking bike so I will wait to get the right gear to make it right!

No word on the Caloi frame, all warranties say no satisfaction because of events this year. But that's alright because I now own a better bike. Il est un bon Dieu!

Saw National Treasure last night, very exciting! Happy Christmas to everyone!

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