Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Where am I - Hell Week in SA

Saddle sore and waterlogged! After a great weekend where over 100 miles were logged, Monday and Tuesday arrived with a whimper. 500 to 600 miles is way out of question at this point for the week. It is Wednesday and almost noon and I used the excuse that I would see what the weather was going to do. Your guess is as good as mine! The beater is not rideable so it's the good Caloi Pro Road out and sloshing around and I'm no longer crazy about doing that since I no longer ride a pos bike.

Monday I was fasting for some bloodletting and that made for a ride with an excruciating headache and dirty, muddy, wet wash everything under the sun when I get back kind of ride, but still managed at least thirty which was goal for everyday this week. That puts the totals at a slight 130 plus for the week. I was in search of my epic ride, but the last day for that to happen was today and here I am still on the computer see the article on the epic ride.

Weather temps are good in the area, but the flashflooding just puts a damper on all the routes that are doable. Plus people have died. Actually stupidity killed them for crossing in to deep waters in cars. We live down here long enough you know where the low water crossings are and you watch yourself lest you be accused of being stupid for going through the low water crossing. Soooo...what to do?! I think I'll go to the dollar movie just to get out!!!

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