Tuesday, March 27, 2007

8 Weeks Behind, But Now Back On Track

The title says it all! I am still behind, but Hell Week according to Carmichael training put me four weeks closer because of the big mileage done.

I may reach my quarterly goal with 1000 miles.

I need more hills! I'm trying to do hills (molehills) close to my neighborhood everytime I go out.

I started doing speedwork again, very limited, fartlek only, but then time was an issue. A start is a start! According to my log I still need seven more weeks of training before getting serious.

The weight is not melting off, but it is rearranging shapewise. My clothes are already fitting better.

I have decided to take an extra day off during the week for the beneffit of rest in response to training. With all the long miles on the weekend I believe this is necessary!

If you're looking for an interesting read Mr. Langley in the link above he's a regular in RBR which is also a good read.

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