Thursday, June 12, 2014

Back On the (Stationary) Horse

So today I did my first trainer ride. 0 miles 0 mph, but an hour plus of riding! I was still able to post it to Strava. Learn something new "ever day!" Felt great to get an hour in even though it was inside! Luckily for me, spinervals made cycling videos common-place. I found a bunch of stuff on YouTube! I ended up using Cycle Scenery and was riding Virtually in the Virgin Islands. Oh so cool! I did a warm-up in town. Then a trip through traffic to get out of town then a couple of other workouts one out in the flat-country and another out in the hills of the VI :-)

So many possibilities are open now, two a days, long trainers when my family is sleepin' - an exciting turn of events. Thank you God! Stay tuned for more stationary bike rides! Although, tomorrow I really want to ride outside with my Brasil jersey! Viva Spurs - Viva Brasil

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