Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Crash - Time Trial Season in the Toilet

Crashed the TT Caloi Rig today on the Salado Greenway after a blow-out going 24+ mph, front wheel taco/potato chip, carbon fork steerer tube bent, all the aero stuff on the profile design front end all banged up, derailleur hanger bent/bolt stressed, pride bruised, ribs bruised, legs bruised, right-hand bruised and hurting! Riding buddy Jens (the guy with all the tatoos-used to be a wrench) comes by on his mtb offers to get his car to drive me home. Then proceeded to do a 22 miler recovery/fart around ride on the Litespeed Goat! So no Time Trial Season because fixing all that stuff is going to cost! But this year I was on track to beat my accomplishments in TT from two years ago! Thanks be to God that I'm fine just bruised up a bit and for getting me to where I am this year! God bless you!

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