Monday, July 03, 2006

Teams of At Least 6

Ok, the scandal has done its damage! Vinokourov (sp?) lost five of his team mates, but one of the biggest consequences is Vino can't race because you can't show up with four team members, but you can with six. He was not implicated. Maybe the team withdrew in disgust like another team. Here's the question, what prevents a team from getting a couple of riders from wherever to jump in at the last minute so that your team leader can do his job? That has to be able to be done in one day. All the two riders have to do is finish the stages within the cutoff time they don't even have to compete per se.

I know there are plenty of people out there willing. There's bound to be people out there that are even in TdF shape and could finish the daily stages with respectable times. No, Vino would not have the benefit of the support of a full team, but heck at least he'd be out there doing his job (as LA would put it).

Just doesn't seem right that one of the premier riders in the world doesn't compete in the premier race in the world. Que est que vous pense?

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