Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Scheduling Workouts

After a large number of miles in a single weekend and at the rate that I'm recovering from these long rides I believe my scheduled workouts needs to change.

Normally I take two days off, but not in succession. Yesterday the soreness was still screaming so I did not do my regularly scheduled interval session.

Doing away with a workout is not an option because I still need it to improve.

So let's say I do the interval workout today and bump all the other workouts right along with it, then the problem becomes how can I make Friday the day before my normally long ride an easier day? The answer is to move the single-speed workout normally done on Wednesdays to Friday because it seems like an easier workout. It could also be that it is easier because I'm not doing it at the level of intensity necessary, but I'll have to worry about that later.

So, after an intense mileage weekend the Schedule would be:

Monday & Tuesday Off to recover
Wednesday Intervals Reverse Ladder
Thursday AT and LT workout on hilly terrain
Friday Single-Speed Workout/Spinner Workout
Saturday Long or Long with Club ( or )
Sunday Short & Fast with Club ( )

After reasonable mileage weekends the Schedule would go back to:
Monday Off Cycling/Run with the Dog
Tuesday Intervals Reverse Ladder
Wednesday Single-Speed/Spinner
Thursday AT & LT Workout on Hilly Terrain right now 2:1 Recovery
Friday Off Cycling/Run with the Dog
Saturday Long
Sunday AM: Short w/Cycle-Logic PM: Trail-Run with the Dog

I'm glad we had this little talk, but now I'm out of time for the interval session that I'm supposed to do today so If I bump today's workout...Nah - Cheesewhacking Happens!

Cheesewhacking (chizhuéking) the process of sitting on ones couch or in front of one's computer and placing cheeseballs in ones mouth and eating them without carrying out previously planned workout.

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