Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cycle Logic Results at the Local City Crit

So my fast Sunday club ride got blown off for me due to weather, but for the racers in the club, in order to attend the local citywide crit that is held in a business park. The interesting thing is that Cycle Logic surprised our "sleepy little town." Many people are used to having Chainreaction San Antonio or BSKLaw/Bike World win races.

This week Cycle Logic took two of the firsts in the Cat 5 and Cat 4 races. One Bo, who lives and trains in Austin is starting the season strong with a win at the Cat 4 Level with stiff competition from Chainreaction. At the Cat 5 Level, the father of one our time trial stars, took the win again in a race that Chainreaction is used to winning.

A confidence builder and reinforcement for my training decisions is that on Saturdays I often ride with Chainreaction San Antonio a multi tier group with a racing division that will eventually expand to Triathlon. On Sundays, I have been riding with Cycle Logic regularly since my return to serious cycling training.

The racing aspect of our sport seems very exciting and I look forward to using the Litespeed once it gets built up again in a crit setup to explore some racing locally.

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